We Need a New Web Page

Of course it is obvious enough when you try to log on to the site with your phone or a mobile device. The web page was designed a long time ago, before the majority of people would be using a phone to reach your site. Of course it is obvious to most people that you really need two sites, one for mobile devices and one for PC’s. Sites designed for either type of device will not look and work correctly for users on the other. A web designer in Bristol is going to start working on it and that is going to be done in a few weeks if you can believe what he is saying. We are going to figure out what exactly we want, because we need to have more functionality for the site. It is going to be necessary to do more for the customer, specifically to give them access to their account.

That is not a simple thing, because you have to think about security. In our case you have to worry about competitors getting access to certain information. They do not need to know what we are selling every single item for, because that is something that they could use to pull the rug out from beneath our feet. It is going to be important that we both make the site safe and make it feel safe, because the client has to trust us to protect the information. They are going to be worried that someone could hack into the site and maybe place orders that they might have to pay for. That is not going to be something that we want to think about, because it would be really difficult to recover from the damage to our reputation. Your good name is extremely valuable when you are making sales.