The Best Salon I Have Been to

When I have heard of professional wax jobs in the past, I have always heard of hot wax. That is the main reason why I had never inquired about getting waxed before, even though I knew that it would be extremely convenient to not have to shave every time I wanted to wear shorts or put on a bikini to go swimming with friends. When I heard about a Tea Tree cream waxing in Bristol, I definitely wanted to find out more information on it. I went to the website of the beauty salon that offers this service.

I was really happy when I saw the prices of the waxing, because I was worried the prices were going to be high since it is a luxury salon. This salon offers the best of both worlds though. The luxury of services like waxing, tanning and massages at prices that are extremely affordable. I liked that there were so many different options for the waxing too. I definitely wanted the full leg wax along with a bikini wax, but there were so many options that everyone would be able to pick exactly what they wanted without having to pay for more.

What I also liked was that there was more than just waxing here. The prices for the waxing were really good, and they were equally as good for the tanning, manicures, pedicures, facials and massages too. That is right, they offer all of that and more at the beauty salon in Bristol. I had my first waxing done a few weeks ago, and it was not painful in the least. I am really happy that I had this done, and I am looking forward to the massage that I have scheduled next week too. This is the best salon that I have ever been to.