Scheduling a DMV Physical with My Chiropractor

Being a truck driver means that I’m on the road for at least eight hours a day. Sitting for so long can really hurt your body, specifically your back. I’ve been visiting my chiropractor in San Jose for years, and he always makes me feel better. In addition to my regular appointments with him, I had to see him for something special last week. The DMV required a special physical and certification in order to renew my license. I had never heard of this before, but a few of my buddies told me that they’ve had to do the same thing. I didn’t have much of a choice, so I scheduled the appointment.

The appointment was pretty simple, and there wasn’t much more to it than a regular appointment. Instead of a regular treatment session, we went down the list of requirements from the DMV, and made sure that I met each and every one of them. After the assessment was over, the doctor told me that everything looked good, and he gave me the paperwork to give back to the DMV. I was pretty sure that everything was going to check out, but at the same time I was a little bit nervous. I feel healthy, except for the occasional back pain that I experience. Even when I have back pain, I know that I can find relief by visiting my chiropractor, so it’s not a big deal.

I really don’t want to stop driving anytime soon, so I’m going to start taking better care of myself. I’m going to exercise more, and try to eat better while I’m on the road. It’s not always easy, because a lot of the foods you find a really bad for you. I will do my best, because I want to take care of my body and ensure that I’m able to work for a very long time.