I Need Good Arms and Shoulders Because I Row a Boat Every Single Day

I was swimming in the Army Corp of Engineers lake that we call Lake Lanier here in Georgia. We have a house on nearby water. There are a few of us who actually have homes on platforms on the water. Yes, we have to get in a rowboat to get to the shore to get to our cars. I was swimming and felt a pain in my shoulder at the top part of the swim stroke for every stroke. It felt tingly like an electrical charge. I went to my chiropractor in Cumming GA to get an evaluation.

I had been feeling pain on the right side of my upper back. It would alleviate a bit when I sat up straight and pulled my shoulders back. However, after a few minutes of maintaining that posture, I would inevitably lean forward a bit again and hunch my shoulders. Over time this caused a misalignment in my back that was becoming painful. I actually had a medical doctor warn me about my posture years ago when I was sitting up on the exam table in his office. Now I was reaping the fruit of not listening.

The chiropractor was able to alleviate the immediate pain, but I was the one that needed to work on the problem of correcting my posture. This involved a lot more work than I thought. I had to lift weights and start using a chair at my desk that forced me to sit correctly. It was not comfortable at first. It was more comfortable to sit with bad posture, but then it would hurt when I tried to do anything else. I was not going to be one of those guys with a bad back, especially since I had to row a boat back and forth to our house every day.