A Magician at Our Corporate Event

The company I work for has an annual event for employees. It is often at the end of the year, so sometimes we do incorporate a Christmas theme to it. However, it is more about us, the workers, than it is about a holiday. Our bosses hold this event to thank us and show their appreciation for us. I am one of the organizers of it, and the owner of the company asked me to look into magician hire for London area this time. He had been to a corporate retreat where a magician was part of the day, and he said that it was more fun than he could have imagined.

He gave me the name of the magician that he had seen, hoping that we would be able to get the same one for our own event. I had started my portion of the planning months ago, which was a good thing because he is in such high demand. No one but a few of us know that he is going to perform for us, and I am really excited to not only see him work his magic throughout the crowd but also to see the reactions of my coworkers.

We are going to have a live band there as well, and there will be a photo booth. It is a kid friendly event, so having the magician there performing his amazing tricks is going to be a really fun treat for them as well. My boss has told me about some of the tricks that he performed, and I am actually looking forward to seeing them for myself too. I just don’t see how someone can make a full bottle disappear or guess some of the things that he does with precision. We are all in for a treat, no doubt!